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i’ll be on a hiatus for two weeks straight!


i’ll be away for two weeks so unfortunately i won’t be able to post anything (no queues or replying to messages) for two weeks. if you follow me on instagram you’ll know what i’ll be up to but for now, i’m just planning to tell you when i return.

i’m so sorry for being kinda inactive lately, i will try to post more often when i return ;n;

♡ see you in two weeks ♡

22 hours ago | Wednesday
T A G S : no bae no

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22 hours ago | Wednesday

Taeyeon searching for candies and.. what she find? .. Jessica /o/

My brother is watching pewdiepie and you came across my mind. Not in a creepy way, of course lol.

it’s the swedish in me that connects me with poods

Anonymous asked

pees on you -not elise

elise i know it’s you /pees on your left eyeball