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lol hi i’m back

not sure if anyone cares but oh well

i didn’t really mean to keep my trip a secret, it’s just that i get very paranoid that something bad will happen if i tell too many people whenever i’m going to do something “big” in my life. and yes, a trip is considered as a big deal to me, mainly because i never really do anything besides staring at a computer screen almost all year round (my life is sad ok)

basically i went on a 2-week trip to turkey, marmaris to be precise, and it was a fucking blast. i was in bodrum last year and seriously bodrum is nothing compared to marmaris, even the barstreet is huge compared to the one in bodrum or gumbet. the people around here are so much nicer and polite as well (ok well most of them). the shopping is great i mean like there’s so many high-end stores in the shopping center called blue port. it’s pretty safe as well, like i went to central marmaris at night around 5 times all by myself yet i didn’t feel like i had to protect myself from possible perverted men. not saying that turkish men are perverted or anything, it’s just that i felt safer in a foreign country than i usually do in my own home lol.

um first week was wonderful, my friend and i went out clubbing about a million times. second week was so-so, mainly because my friend fell ill and had to stay at the hospital three nights. we missed the jeep-safari trip we were supposed to attend ;n; tbh i almost cried bc i really wanted it to happen but oh well, shit happens, and my friend’s safety is far more important! also i met someone who i wish to meet again, if fate let us that is. i mean i fucking cried at night bc i didn’t want him to go home lol i’m such a pussy no but seriously i’ve never cried over a guy like that and i suppose that means something (big sis if you see this don’t make fun of me i’m allowed to fall in love i have feelings you patootsie head)

i really love how everyone thought i was turkish, literally. i stood there like an idiot whenever they tried to talk with me in turkish and the only response they got from me was “um i don’t speak turkish.”… awkward.

this trip confirmed my love for turkey, seriously. i guess i have to visit istanbul next year or smth.

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Because I can write you sexual things while signing off as - Kinkysoo<3

the idea turns me on

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Kommer aldrig att avslöja min identitet /previous anon (btw, du är bäst)

meeeeeen varför :(

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jag är en av dina följare och jag hade ingen aning om att du är svensk! vilken stad är du från? n.n

jönköping :)