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o k for u elise, since i got the hint i might as well just ship you with minseok but i don’t really know his tv persona except that he’s a cute mother fucker but what i’ve seen so far he seems to be caring to luhan his members and i guess he would be extra caring for luhan you if you were his love

ok cathy i ship you with benedict cumberbatch um seungri? in my eyes all of exo’s appearance’s are pretty soft and i feel like you would fit better with someone who looks um… older (in a good way of course) but you know in my heart i ship you with benedict cumberbatch baekhyun bc you’re such a baekhoe asshyun

ahruhewi i suck at shipping people with idols

answered questions:

1. How old are you and what’s your Chinese zodiac/animal?

i’m 19 years old and I think my chinese zodiac is pig but i’m too lazy to check

2. What sun sign do you have?


3. What is your height?

175 cm, that’s like 5’9”

4. What kind of body shape do you have?

well my booty is twerk material and my waist is skinnier than the rest of my body lol

5. Describe your fashion type?

depends, sometimes it’s 60’s inspired, sometimes it’s casual jung sisters style and sometimes i wear pajamas to the grocery store #yofuckinglo. i wear heels sometimes and flats (and slippers bye).

6. What are your hobbies?

right now it’s excercising and dancing and singing and playing kardashians like i’ve reached the maximum of 120 million fans on that game lol

7. Describe your personality!

i’m a potato who stays true to myself. i’m mostly a kind hearted person, i am a little bit easy to manipulate but i’m not letting that to be an obstacle in my life. i am usually happy but when i’m feeling down it’s something that shows on my entire face apparently. when someone upsets me it really bothers me for a long period of time which is really stressful.

also my humor is weird and there is only one person on earth who has that humor (actually two, yea two)

8. What do you like & dislike?

Likes: friends, dancing, singing, food, photoshop, graphic design, cultures, learning languages

Dislikes: fake ass friends who thinks they can manipulate my ass

9. Any other hints? (Photo is optional)

poop <—

About him/her

1. What kind of height do you prefer?

i prefer someone who’s really tall. i’m pretty tall so someone who’s 185cm or taller is perfect for me.

2. What kind of position do you prefer? (vocal, rapper, visual etc.)

main/lead twerker

3. Do you prefer innocent or sexy?

i prefer someone with really nice (sexual) humour, because that could come off as both sexy and innocent.

4. What are your turn ons?

lips lips lips lips eyes lips lips lips ass lips lips lips

5. What are your turn offs?

someone who doesn’t take care of their hygiene meaning that they either smell bad or like a chain smoker (occasional smokes aren’t that bad i mean i smoke sometimes but the smell that lingers smells like death tbh) or that their breath smells like hell i’m sorry i’m scarred of bad smells lol

6. What kind of fear would be okay for him to have?

everything is okay as long as he’s not afraid of pickles like i mean i’m afraid of water but that’s because i almost drowned to death as a child so i’m like very open to accept a man being afraid of anything except pickles bc i love pickles.

7. What would be your an ideal date for you?

taking walks while walking hand in hand near the beach or getting drunk together at a karaoke bar and sing really badly and laugh at it the next day, that if we remember anything of course.

8. Any other hints?

he’s not my bias but he’s in the same group of my bias and he’s currently the eiffel tower of that group.

ok so i’m just going to tag randomly um: baekjob daenso jungprincesses kyungsadistic lusass bebaeksoon luhtella azeli-ouo procrastinationwillkill @kyungmint

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i want to make a shoutout to so many people here! even the people that aren't included in this list are super important and loved! sedouche, snowflakai, sadakongsing-kit, kinksoo, porkbaekcon, dear-sehun-ah, kitkatspirit, sehduction, baek-choy, jongdaesqueen, kyungsuki, dimpyeol, kvungsoos, mainexing, meiwachen, duizhangdeluxe, touchmechently, exoplanet, exoherent, ohprincekim, ohfleurs, xingrens, hom2, goloveexo, jonginmachine, exo-plushie, baektoral-muscles and so, so mang more!

pewds marathon foreva~ haha i was rewatching his flappy bird video. omfg. the struggle he went through, i totally know how he feels.

lol i love that one!