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you better love me <3

i love you to the moon and back

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                           shy boy;

i always wonder why we have to photoshop kpop stars to have white features…. like…. whY?…? it’s artist creativity? really?

i stumbled upon this while i was peacefully checking my activity pmsl no but really? this again? do i really have to fucking explain that freckles isn’t a “white feature”… AGAIN? there are plenty of ethnic asians who gets freckles during the summer. although i’m ethnic arabic, i managed to get some cute freckles on my cheeks this summer bc i was exposed to the sun.

to answer your question, no, it’s not about creativity, it’s about expression. if you don’t like the way i and graphic makers/graphic designers in the kpop community here on tumblr express ourselves then simply just ignore our graphics. simple as that.

1989ess asked

hi! may i ask what the name of the song next to "dollhouse" is? it's ippeuda!

sweden laundry letter flow - 흩어진다

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