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six selfies through the year tagged by baekjob and bebaeksoon

ok first pic was taken probably 1-2 months before i cut my butt-length hair to right above my chin which i greatly regret i did because i cut it too short at that time. But i love my shoulder lengthed hair now because obviously short hair frames my face better. the thing with short hair though is that i REALLY have to straighten it and apply products to it every day because i have unruly curly frizzy hair.

also it’s cray how i look like a poop on the two first pics and also dang my eyebrows on the third pic are thick as hell.

i tag: eururongs  sexualhun lusass and kyungmint bc they’re four pretty faces i haven’t gotten enough of, and also  jungprincesses and kvungsoos bc darn you’re two lovely people and i need to see your faces like rn ;n;

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